Trust God’s Timing

Me: God is so good.
Friend: Details lady! I mean yes He is but I assume you said that for a reason?!
Me: I’m just overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am. I had a good real talk today about some of my past and my mom and I’m just realizing how far I’ve come and how good I have it and knowing that none of this would be possible without The Lord. He’s the reason I survive and thrive. He’s the reason I’m able to be the difference in the lives of others. He has surrounded me with some of His best creations. I’m just happy. I’m genuinely happy from the very core of my being.
I have never experienced this pure, unadulterated joy and contentment in my entire life. I honestly didn’t know it was a thing.
Friend: Ahh!!!! I love this. I am so happy for you. Your story is heartbreaking but you have and will continue to shine through it. I am always impressed by your joy and I am thrilled The Lord is granting you this contentment!! It is DESERVED

That’s a conversation I had with a friend via text early the other morning. I’ve been really struggling lately. Through my struggles, I’ve been praying for confidence and guidance. I’ve been praying for a direct answer about what to do with my life. I’ve been really stressed about making the right decision; factoring in everything from my people to geography and making sure I’m answering the Lord’s call. I got so caught up in asking The Lord to answer my prayers in the way that best served me.

News flash: that’s not how the Lord works. The Lord answers prayers. He provides to those who ask and truly believe. However, His answers might not always come on your timeline or look exactly like what you want. I believe the Lord has a beautiful plan for each of us. We are blessed with the opportunity to walk His path with our lives. We encounter stress when we start to question or second guess that path.

That’s where I was; questioning the Lord’s plan for me. I stopped trusting and started questioning His timing.

The Lord is granting you this contentment

Even though I was praying for the wrong things, the Lord gave me exactly what I needed. This week at work was incredible. I absolutely love my job. I’m able to learn and grow personally and professionally every single day. I believe in myself and my ability to be successful in my field. I know I say this all the time, but I really am surrounded by the most amazing people, and the circle keeps growing. I feel supported, encouraged, appreciated and cared about both personally and professionally.

After the conversation with my friend the other night, I did something I haven’t done since I was a little girl; I got out of bed, knelt on my knees and prayed. I prayed like I never have before. I prayed hard and really gave myself over to the Lord. I offered desperate prayers of gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude for my past, and the experiences that made me who I am today. Gratitude for the people around me and prayers for their well-being. Gratitude for this newfound sense of joy and contentment. I eventually lost the ability to form words, and trusted that the Lord could hear the words on my heart. I was overcome with emotion and completely surrendered myself to the Lord.

I fell asleep there on the floor, next to my bed. I woke up a couple of hours later, moved back to bed and snuggled in under my blankets. I fell asleep feeling completely at peace with life, and slept straight through the night, which is quite the accomplishment for me. I have never felt closer to God than I did that night. It was such an awesome feeling. I felt so strong in my beliefs. My stress and fears were gone, I have never felt so calm and comforted in my entire life.

I’m so happy with where I am. I’m confident that the Lord has a plan for me. I refuse to lose myself in selfish or worldly struggles. Instead, I’ll invest my all into the Lord and really trust His timing.

God is good, you guys. He provides for us, we just have to trust Him.


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